Wood Glue

HANDYMAN’S wood glue is a fast setting, 100% clear drying, PVA based adhesive drying to form a tough bond harder than wood.

Ideal when shorter clamping times are needed and when clear gluing line is essential. Ideal for use on oily or hard wood surfaces.

D3 rated suitable for gluing all types of wood, wooden materials and flat laminates. Wood to wood, soft- and hardboard, synthetic resin board and chipboard. Suitable for fixing paper,  cardboard, paper or textile-backed PVC cloth to wood and board. Designed to bond outdoor timber constructions such as window-frames and external doors and furniture requiring water  resistance. Particularly suitable for moisture-resistant bonds which have to fulfil high demands.

Available in:

  • 125ml
  • 250ml
  • 500ml
  • 1Litre
  • 5Litre
  • 25Litre
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