Rubboseal is a tough elastomeric modified coating that is highly flexible, and results is a seamless damp proofing and waterproofing coating providing full protection against water damage. Rubboseal is ideal for coating most substrates including concrete, corrugated iron, galvanized steel, fibre cement, metal and roof insulation boards.


Features & Benefits

  • Cold application
  • Waterproof
  • Tough, flexible, durable
  • Thixotropic consistency for horizontal and vertical application
  • Non-toxic for use in fish ponds, dam linings, and reservoirs
  • It is a low odour, zero VOC coating
  • Good balance of crack bridging properties (–10°C, 23°C)
  • High hydrophobicity (providing efflorescence resistance and low water swelling)
  • High water vapor permeability , allows breathability of substrate.
  • Excellent barrier to chlorides
  • Excellent adhesion properties

Prepare and ensure all surfaces are smooth, dry and free of any protrusions. Treat any cracks in the surface with Rubboseal any larger cracks should be treated incorporating a membrane.
New/Old Concrete

  • Clean surfaces and ensure smooth and dry
  • Moisture content must be below 8%.
  • Apply Rubboseal primer 1:1 water/Rubboseal allow to dry overnight
  • Apply Rubboseal 1st coat 1lt per sq. metre allow to dry 24 hrs
  • Apply 2nd coat 1lt per sq. metre allow to cure 24 hours
  • After 7-day curing apply a topcoat, Handymans Aluseal or Rainprufe for a desired colour.


  • Concrete, masonry, cementitious screeds/renders, galvanized steel, metals, clay and cement bricks. Weathered bitumen and existing bituminous waterproofing.


  • Do not apply below 5 degrees c
  • Do not apply onto damp surfaces


Available in:

  • 5 Litre
  • 20 Litre
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